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Hole 15

Par 5

Tee Pads_2x.png

OB along waters edge.

Welcome to the first par 5 at Wild Times, Hole 15 extends 819 feet along the base of a picturesque hillside. The generous tee shot offers flattened landing zones both on the hillside and a spacious flat terrain at the base, where precision is key with densely wooded left-side rough.

As the fairway progresses, it gracefully turns to the left, introducing a new challenge. From this point onward, the fairway is hugged by a large creek bed on the left, adding an element of strategic play. The journey culminates at the green, protected by surrounding trees and embraced by a creek drainage that wraps around in a horseshoe shape. Hole 15 provides a dynamic par 5 experience, encouraging strategic decision-making and precision from tee to green.

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