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Hole 11

Par 4

Tee Pads_2x.png

No OB in effect.

Known as the "King of the Hill," Hole 11 stands as one of the most demanding Par 4s in disc golf, a true test of one's power. At 484 feet, the challenge begins with a tee shot aiming to conquer an insanely steep slope with built-in switchbacks, reaching just under 100 feet in height. This slope demands elite power, David Wiggins Jr.,has set the bar on this hole landing approximately 100 feet from the green. at the top of the fairway, players are greeted by a relatively open approach. The green with only a few mature trees, allows for a manageable final approach shot. As you navigate the elevation gain and strategic design of Hole 11, consult the scoring chart for a competitive game of "King of the Hill" with cardmates. Prepare for an exhilarating challenge on this iconic Wild Times hole.

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